Why I’ll Be Voting Yes on March 3rd

On Monday night, the Cardiff Says Yes campaign was launched at the university with a good crowd – about 150. There were non-political speakers (who were very good), followed by party politicians. Labour, Plaid and the Lib-Dems all spoke and the chair of the Cardiff steering group is a Conservative. So – this was a genuine cross-party event and there was a lot of enthusiasm in the room.

And, when you think about it, why would anyone not vote ‘Yes’?

It was very different in the 1997 campaign on the devolution referendum. When I went on to the streets of Cardiff North and out on Whitchurch high street back then, there was real hostility to the idea of devolution. Now, the Welsh Assembly is an accepted part of life for most people and few want to go backwards.

When talking to people, I find that there are lots of queries and there is quite a lot of misinformation about the vote on March 3rd. I find I have to emphasise time and time again that the referendum is not about independence and is not about giving the Assembly tax-raising powers.

What it is about is normalising the law-making process so that the laws the Assembly wants to make in the areas already devolved to it are made in Wales. There will no longer be the need to go to Westminster to ask for permission. The whole procedure will be made clearer – everything will be much more transparent – and it will be much cheaper.

So – I hope that Cardiff says Yes for Wales and I hope that the rest of Wales agrees.

On March 3rd, I hope that we all just say yes.

(You can see my short video clip about why I’m saying Yes for Wales on the Home and Why the Assembly pages of my website at www.juliemorgan.org and you can visit the Yes for Wales website at  www.yesforwales.com/site/)


About Julie Morgan AM

I was elected as the Labour Welsh Assembly Member for Cardiff North on May 5th 2011. For more information, go to www.juliemorgan.org
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