Uploaded: Launching My Campaign Online

When an election comes around, we always look for a novel way of launching the official campaign — for example, the last campaign was literally launched on a boat on the River Taff!

This year, we wanted to let as many people as possible into the launch and have something that lasted — that went beyond a single day. So — we decided to put it on the internet.

The launch takes the form of two films made by and featuring supporters. Make Sure It’s Julie, both short and longer versions, are available at www.juliemorgan.org

The shorter one focuses on the qualities that I would hope to bring to the Welsh Assembly and the longer one gives more details about some key issues facing Cardiff North. I hope that people will look at both videos to get an idea of who I am and what my views are. What you will find is my walking and talking personal manifesto. I’ve put it where everyone can see it.

While the shorter film just gives a flavour of things, the longer one gives me an opportunity to go into more detail. It allows me to talk about how important the Welsh Assembly has been and, just as importantly, how vital a Labour-led Assembly is for Wales while we have the Tory-led coalition in Westminster. For example, Labour in Wales is able to protect the NHS as we know it — this is very different from the confusion and chaos being caused by the Conservative-led government in England. The longer film also highlights other key issues in Cardiff North such as the environment, transport, jobs and schools.

Anyway, I hope that people will enjoy this online electronic launch.

I have no hopes of an Oscar or a BAFTA — winning the Assembly seat in Cardiff North would be honour enough!


About Julie Morgan AM

I was elected as the Labour Welsh Assembly Member for Cardiff North on May 5th 2011. For more information, go to www.juliemorgan.org
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